Our Quatity

How We Made Our Pottery?

Quality isn’t something that can be argued into an article or promised into it. It must be put there. If it isn’t put there, the finest sales talk in the world won’t act as a substitute.

The quality of our product, its artisanal spirit , the beauty, rigidity, the capacity adaptation,… all these characteristics of our products and well much others cannot be expressed by words only, but rather by the experiment.

If you are currently searching the web on where to find beautiful and elegant antique replicas of handmade pottery from Roman, Arabic, African and Berber cultures then Haydar Pottery could very well be the answer to your pottery needs! All of our products are painstakingly done by the hands of skilled craftsmen observing the highest quality standards. You can even run our pottery products through your Bosch dishwashers if you are not convinced. This is our personal guarantee that you get only the best value for your money.


The clay is generally taken out from the depth of about 4-6 meters of solid ground. We then leave the clay to dry out in the sun for about 4-6 weeks.


We then melt the clay with salt and sand for about 3-4 days depending on the weather. The salt in the clay makes the clay frost resistant and all so helps the plants in the winter months. We then knead the clay by foot to make sure that we have an even texture without any stones.


The clay is then placed into a strong mixer and is mixed for a couple of hours, making sure that all the air is out of it. This will then give us a firm strong clay base to work with.


Is the job of the craftsman to create a unique piece of pottery that will be admired for many years to come.


Once the craftsman has put the finishing touches to the pottery it is then left to dry slowly in a cool shady place for about 6-8 days, depending on the weather.


We then stack the pottery inside a big oven approx the size of a 20ft container. The oven is then sealed shut.


Nous passons alors à la cuisson lentement en utilisant le bois pendant environ 4-6 heures. Alors nous prenons les peaux et les pierres des olives pour alimenter le feu, ceci apporte une très haute température au four, et ceci brûlera pendant 15 heures.


Une fois que les flammes se sont arrêtées nous laissons la poterie dans le four pour refroidir lentement.


Une fois que la poterie a été prise hors du four elle est empilée dans notre entrepôt prêt pour embarquer partout dans le monde.


Vous connaissez juste combien de travail entre à chaque morceau de notre poterie pour le rendre unique et vraiment fait main partout.